Why You Should Go to the Theater – 7 Reasons

People play roles in real life, while they play roles in the theater. So why go to the theater? Look at yourself from the outside? Each person finds the answer to this question himself. People say that by visiting the theater they dissolve in a mysterious atmosphere, gain experience, solve problems, and make a valuable contribution to the inner world.

7 reasons why you should go to the theater

Theater does no harm
  1. Theater does no harm. Theater is one of those non-painful human activities. A visit to this institution does not promise us wars, persecution, crime, beating of wives or any social problem. The more time and energy we spend as a society attending theater and art, the better off we will be.
  2. The second reason why it is worth going to the theater is that it is a complex system of expressions of human needs. He imitates the lives of people, allowing you to see yourself, apply the role of a character in your life through metaphors and narratives. This is part of what makes us human.
  3. Third, theater brings people together. A certain connection is established between the audience and the performers, communication at the highest level, contemplating beautiful, funny events and distracting from everyday life. It is in the theater that a real meeting of people takes place.
  4. Fourth, theatrical replica models can be seen from different sides of the conversation and arguments. When we watch the play, we know what is happening. We can see our own problem in the play and how it is solved. We develop our imaginations of finding a variety of solutions.
  5. Theater promotes education and literacy. Watching the actions of the character, we develop the skills of attention, emotionality, understanding. They teach us motivation and psychology. In history plays, we learn lessons about leadership and power. In a modern play, we learn about people and cultures in different parts of the planet. Research has shown that students who participate in theater perform better in school.
  6. Sixth, theater as an industry contributes to our economy and plays a special role in revitalizing forgotten areas. As soon as the theater opens in a forgotten area, the influx of visitors begins. This contributes to the opening of restaurants, which creates new jobs, improves sidewalks, neighborhoods.
  7. Theater allows us to think and feel our own life and encourages us to take a firm look at ourselves from the outside, to reconsider our values ​​and our behavior. Awareness of many things develops, contributing to a more productive life. For example, a play about a brutal battle for a family dinner that destroys the family can provoke understanding of the situation and its further elimination.

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