How to Behave in the Theater

What do we imagine when we hear the word “theater”? The quiet rustle of the curtain revealing the mysterious depth of the stage? Fading lights of elegant chandeliers and dim auditorium?
Doesn’t it look like a holiday?
A visit to the theater is a small celebration. Just so as not to spoil it for yourself or your neighbors, you need to follow some simple rules.

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1. Come in smart clothes. Men usually wear dark suits, while women wear dress. Of course, if you come in jeans, the inspector will let you through. But remember that it is not a good form for ladies to wear trousers to the theater.
Make sure that you do not have rustling bags or large backpacks in your hands. You may not be allowed in.
In winter, women usually take their shoes to the theater, leaving the boots in the wardrobe, as an evening dress does not look very good with winter shoes.

2. Arrive at the theater in 20-30 minutes. This time is quite enough to have time to slowly undress, fix your hair, buy a program and take your seats.

3. What is the correct way to get to your seats? First, find the row indicated on the ticket. To get to your seats, you will have to disturb those already seated. Turn to face them and back to the stage. As you walk down the aisle, apologize in a low voice or with a nod of your head for the disturbance. If your seats are in the middle of the row, come to the auditorium early.
Don’t wait for the 3rd call. If you are late, you need to contact the caretaker standing at the door of the hall. You will be assisted to take the empty seats before intermission, or you will have to stand.

4. If you saw acquaintances in the hall, do not wave your hands, shout or talk loudly across several rows. A smile or a nod of the head is enough.
Once seated, do not occupy both armrests. Your neighbor has the same right to lean as you do. You should not sit snuggling against each other, because you need to remember about those sitting in the back. They also want to see the scene.

5. It is not recommended to bring chocolate, sandwiches, apples to the hall. If you haven’t had time to eat, there is a buffet in the theater. But you shouldn’t stay there until the third ring.

6. Observance of silence during the performance is the main rule. You cannot whisper, shuffle your feet, knock your fingers on the armrest of the chair during the performance – you distract not only the audience, but also the actors. Disconnect mobile phones and pagers before proceeding. If you have a cold, refrain from going to the theater: coughing and sneezing are very disturbing for the audience and the artists.
If you suddenly feel unwell, try to leave the hall as quietly as possible.

7. During intermission, you can discuss what you saw, go out to the foyer, find among the portraits of the artists those who take part in the performance and whom you have just seen.

8. After waiting for the curtain to come down, you should not run to the wardrobe to get your clothes, “until the queue has come.” Five minutes will not save you, and your mood will be ruined. In addition, the artists go out to bow, and often more than once. Isn’t it nice for you to once again see people who have worked for you for two hours? Thank them with applause.
It’s another matter if you don’t like the performance. Then it is worth leaving the theater during the intermission (but not during the action!)

9. If you have already seen this performance and came to see it again and give flowers to your favorite actors, do not throw them on the stage. Hand over or pass through a theater worker.

Throughout your stay at the theater, be mutually polite and attentive, and then you will have the most pleasant impressions of a small holiday – visiting the theater.

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