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Grant Park Players welcomes you to audition for openings in our cast. Previous acting experience is not required and our auditions are open to the public.

I’ve always been interested in acting, but have no experience. Can I still audition?
ABSOLUTELY!!!! Many actors gave their debut performance in Grant Park Players productions!  The group loves meeting new people and helping them develop their interest in theater. Grant Park Players is a marvelous group of community members just like yourself, warmly welcoming those new to the theatre, and thoroughly enjoying seasoned performers. We are all in this together, and we have great fun in the process.

What can I do to prepare for an audition with Grant Park Players?
You may have heard that you’ll need a resume or to prepare a monologue to audition for a show. Not at Grant Park Players. All that is needed is an audition form that you will be asked to fill out when you arrive at the audition. Typically the form requests you provide your basic contact information, prior acting experiences, and dates that you will not be available for rehearsals. Please try to include all dates that you will not be available – the director will use this information to coordinate the rehearsal schedule for the show.

Auditions are scheduled for two nights – do I need to come to both? Should I contact the director to schedule an appointment?
There is no need to contact us for an appointment prior to the audition dates. Just show up on either one of the nights at the scheduled time.

What can I expect the night of auditions?
Grant Park Players’ auditions consist of reading from the script. It’s helpful, but not necessary to read the script in advance to familiarize yourself with the story and the characters. You may have luck finding a copy at a Milwaukee County Library, or searching for excerpts on the internet.

What if I’ve never read the script before?
If you can’t get your hands on the script, it’s OK. Try to read a synopsis of the play by searching online to familiarize yourself with the storyline and the various characters in the play.

If I am cast in a show, what can I expect for a rehearsal schedule?
Grant Park Players typically rehearses for 2.5 hours, two-three evenings per week. Additionally, actors will need to be available for tech week, which is every evening of the week leading up to opening night. There will be a minimum of one, possibly two Saturdays that actors will be expected to help build the set. Come to the audition with all dates you are not available so the director can plan the rehearsal schedule.

Are actors with Grant Park Players paid?
Grant Park Players is a volunteer community theater company.  All acting roles are unpaid.

Helpful reading
If you’d like more information about what is involved with the process of auditioning, you may want to review the website of Dr. Louis E. Catron, Professor of Theatre in the Department of Theatre, Speech, and Dance at William and Mary college.  You will find valuable and entertaining information linked here: Auditioning process | Books for actors